Human Milk Initiative

Massachusetts Human Milk Quality Improvement Collaborative
    The NeoQIC Human Milk Quality Improvement Collaborative is a state-wide consortium of level 3 NICUs focused on improvements in breast milk use for very low birth weight infants.  The collaborative provides on-going education in QI, breastfeeding practices, and data sharing. This project will serve as a pilot to develop an effective model of breastfeeding improvement in NICUs with the development of replicable QI toolkits and culturally-appropriate learning materials that will be disseminated nationally. Specifically, the collaborative’s goals are to:
    • Improve rate of any breast milk at NICU discharge or transfer among all VLBW Infants by 20% from baseline;
    • Improve rate of exclusive breast milk use at NICU discharge or transfer among all VLBW infants by 20% from baseline; and
    • Work to reduce differences in breast milk use according to race/ethnicity among VLBW infants.
    Family educational materials are now available for use!  These are available by selecting the link on the left, or clicking here Human Milk Educational Materials.  There are one-page handouts and videos, and are available in multiple languages.

    The collaborative is funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and is being done in close partnership with several other organizations in the state, including the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. 

    For more information, please contact Meg Parker (, Laura Burnham (, or Thea Lacerte (


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