Human Milk Educational Videos

The NeoQIC Human Milk Collaborative created educational videos for clinicians to share with patients.  These are short 3-5 minute videos of a diverse group of mothers and fathers from Boston Medical Center describing their experience in the NICU and providing milk for their infants. The videos are in both English and Spanish. The video topics are:
  • "Breast Milk is Best for Premature Babies," an overview of the benefits of human milk
  • "Colostrum for Your Premature Baby," covers the importance of colostrum and mother's experience making it
  • "Making Breast Milk When Your Baby is Premature," describes the process of pumping and making milk for a baby in the NICU
  • "Skin-to-Skin Care for Your Premature Baby," describes the benefits of skin-to-skin or kangaroo care 
  • "Finding Support When You have a Premature Baby," talks about how mothers found support to continue to make milk when their babies were in the NICU

These videos are free to the public and we hope you enjoy them!

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Meg Parker at